Denali has been gathering the remuda, cattle, and has became solid in the branding pen. He still needs to build his confidence roping outside but he is doing great   He has become a favorite to use. My husband really enjoys him cause "he has a big motor". He is tough and can do the long days with ease.
Heather Smith
Bought sight unseen from Connecticut. Cal Brennan; I would buy again from here for sure. Quick and accurate information. Horse is exactly what was advertised! Very polite to deal with
Cal Brennan
Blossom. More than any girl could ask for. As advertised.Gymkhana to English pleasure to riverbed riding. And transport was flawless. Bought sight unseen
Patty Thomas
Overseas Review
Nothing but 🤙🏼’s for Alexis. Honest with what she had and even helpful after the purchase with ground transport for the first leg of a long trip to Hawaii. We love our addition to our string.
Ross Cluney
I purchased a kid safe family gelding sight unseen and had them ship him from Arizona to Colorado. The horse was everything he was advertised to be and arrived in great condition and on time. I would recommend to anyone looking for there next horse purchase. Matt Simons
Matt Simons
I purchased a very lovely, papered mare, even still, she surpasses my every expectation. She picks up everything I throw at her and never acts like a mare! My family is very lucky to have her! Samantha Dean
Samantha Dean
I purchased Dually in August. We had our rough patches but I didn’t give up and found a trainer. You were right all along. He’s the greatest horse anyone could have. Candace Hillier
Candace Hillier
This little gelding from low arrow has been nothing but amazing. He was everything they told me he was, if not more! He was a great fit for our family. I would definitely purchase another horse from them! Samantha Bulters We purchased Boomer from Low Arrow site unseen & he is absolutely everything they said he was. I’d buy another without any hesitation! Scott Bulters
Samantha and Scott Bulters
I absolutely adore zippo and i even got him site unseen from y’all. Replies were quick, y’all kept me up to date and helped me get his unruly butt in my two horse in the dark lol. I’d absolutely purchase another from y’all! Morgan Allen
Morgan Allen
Love my little filly that they delivered to me this morning a great place to buy a horse from, they arrived at the time they said the would ! thank you!  Highly recommend them! Kathy Hodson
Kathy Hodson
  I would like to rave on a bit about the excellent care my 10 year old Tennessee Walking Horse received during his rehabilitation stay at Rockin DD Ranch. A chance meeting in the parking lot of the PV Tractor Supply store introduced me to Alexis McQuarie, one of the principals. I saw the ad on her truck and struck up a conversation about their services. I had just completed a full year of tests, treatment and therapy on my horse after an accident caused a serious injury to his left carpus joint. It was time to start therapeutic riding and on the advice of Dr. Bryan Nolte, I was looking for a slightly built rider to begin the process. We needed daily riding, flexing of the leg, medication and Alexis immediately became interested in helping with his recovery.  I delivered Spirit to her a few days later along with his supply of Equioxx and fig newtons (make taking pills easy and delicious). We started slowly and over about a month had increased the time to about 30 minutes and had introduced some lateral motion as well.   Alexis rode Spirit 7 days a week while all the time providing daily inspection and flexing of his leg as well as giving him his medicine. She kept me informed of his status via a text every day, which was very gratifying too. I started putting my 180 pounds on the saddle after about 6 weeks. By then, Alexis was taking him out for trail rides often to add gentle hills to his routine.  After two months he was ready to come home where I am continuing the process so capably started by Alexis. I cannot say thank you enough for the attention Spirit was given while at Rockin DD. Alexis is absolutely fantastic and her abilities and sincere interest really made a difference.  Thank you so much for all of your awesome effort. Alexis, You Rock!   All the best, Don Lee, Dewey, AZ
Don Lee
This Gun’s Loaded
I cant say enough good things about this young lady! She is honest and kind with some amazing horses!. I have bought a super awesome stud from her that she pattern and i have my 4 yr old with her at the moment. She keeps me posted and sends videos of his improvements which I love  She is determined and one hell of a rider!   Brookelyn Nigro
Brookelyn Nigro
My Stevie story-Renee Mack

Stevie is my first horse purchase. We have one additional horse in the family who belongs to my 11-year-old daughter but Stevie would be my first. He is not perfect  but he is absolutely everything Alexis said he was and more. I knew he would take a little time to warm up to me and I knew I would take a little time to trust him. During my purchase of Stevie, Alexis was able to answer questions like what does he do when...., what are his best qualities, and what are his vices. Alexis was able to help me know that he would be the right fit for me. Being a first-time purchaser Alexises experience and expertise helped me feel comfortable and create a smooth purchase process. I have had Stevie for six months now and we have had a wonderful growthfull relationship. Stevie is a fabulous listener, I am able to rate his gait easily, he is all business when mounted, very protective of his rider and will slow to accommodate any unseated moments I might have. Stevie has been ridden by my beginner husband, my intermediate self, and the most skilled in the family my 11-year-old. He is able to meet each of us where we are and accommodate all of our riding levels. He has also carried a handful of friends and many doubles of children. He is built like a couch and seems to smile the whole time he is working. I could not be more thrilled with where Stevie and I are at today and I know we will continue to grow and learn new things together.

My Stevie story-Renee Mack
Amanda Lynne
Bought a nice mare from Low Arrow and she is exactly as advertised!! Great marketing and videos that truly showed her potential. We love her so much and are so appreciative of their honesty. Alexis even took time out of her day to drive the mare to get a vet check that we paid for about an hour from her house. She also coordinated with a farrier to get her shod before we picked her up. Great experience and I would recommend them for sales or consignment. I will for sure look to purchase again in the future!!
Amanda Lynne